Growing Happy


I saw this image/quote the other day, courtesy of Wisdom Ages instagram feed, and I feel the message is dead on.

“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this nor that but simply growth, we are happy when we are growing.” -William Butler Yeats

We are happy when we are growing. Developing. Learning.

Having positive new experiences makes us whole again. The sooner you learn this “true-fact” the faster happiness will be exploding out of you. Instead of you chasing it. Our society has created a value system that says to chase ‘happiness’ (i.e. making money to buy material items). When in reality, everyone deep down knows chasing happiness leaves a gaping hole in themselves. Positive growth is the only way to reach true happiness in the now.

The quote above means a lot to me because it puts in perspective where I am now compared to only 4 months ago. In terms of growth, a few months ago I was stagnant. No focus on what my professional/personal goals should be. Fast forward  to the present and my mind is clear and my vision is in focus. I couldn’t have accomplished this focus with out changes in my personal life and finding Location180, which is a blog about lifestyle design and everything I needed to hear.

Now, I started working on my membership website again (more details to come later) after sitting on it for a full year. I’m updating this very blog to have everything valuable on it for my professional path. Personally, I changed my routine. I wake up earlier so I can surf, work and exercise before work. This enables me to accomplish my daily growth goals out early in the day. Now, I can’t make any excuses later. Overall, I hope this blog serves me (and I hope you) as a reminder that happiness is the ultimate goal and that goal is reached through personal growth.


Thanks for reading,



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