Death to Blogger Block


My anima is making a comeback. Laziness riding the bench. Blogger block is over.

Starting today will be a day-to-day commitment to delivering quality combinations of words to the few or many. Honestly, and I mean no offense to anyone who reads this, I’m writing this blog for myself. Just as anything you do should be for you first and everyone else is an after thought. If “being selfish” scares or offends you, I recommend watching this However, I hope I bring as much value to you as I feel I’m bringing to myself. Since 2010, my older brother has encouraged me to write and specifically blog. Today with you as my witness. I’m doing it.

Hear we go.

It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.

(my two favorite bud light taglines.)

Over that past three years, I’ve been on that journey. You all know what I mean. The desire that burns inside you and silently auctions for the thoughts, words and actions you should be taking. Do you listen? Do you not?

For me, it’s a fluid mess. A roller coaster ride. On track with my unconscious desire to live the life I desire, and off track with fear, doubt and uncertainty of the unknown. As Rober Kiosawki taught me, F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Try to remember that next time you feel the possible is impossible.

Throughout the teeter totter swing of my past years, I’ve read some amazing books that all point me in the same direction. Listen to what you want and do it and that’s happiness. It’s what we all want (most of us at least).

The books I’ve read share this common principle to

The Alchemist – Personal Legend

Choose Yourself – Simply Choose Yourself

The Four Hour Work Week – Dreamline

All of these are great books, and I’d recommend poking your eyeballs deep into each one.

Yesterday, I got the same feeling of ambition and motivation after spending a few hours on by Sean Ogle. Amazing site, seems like an awesome dude, that is putting out some quality content. It just speaks right to me. Build a business, travel the world and design your lifestyle. Untraditional, highly effective and completely possible. As long as you have the appropriate drive, mindset and skills. This blog over the coming weeks and months will be about me refining these key aspects, challenges and plans.

If you are experiencing the same drive to choose yourself (as James Altchuer would put it), leave a message or a question in the comments. Totally open-minded and interested to know where you are at with your journey or if your in my shoes: this has been on your mind; now ready to take action.

Be back shortly,



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